Free Chinese Astrology Compatibility Program

Chinese Compatibility Program

To run: In the dropdown box, click the downpointing arrow, select your Chinese Sign, do the same for your partners Chinese sign, then click 'Calculate'

Select your Chinese Sign
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This is the Chinese version of our Western astrology so it compares Rats with Goats etc.! not Pisces with Aries as we do.
Don't forget this is just like the Western Astrology this also is only taking two signs for comparison but in reality all planets aspects etc. need to be taken into consideration for proper analysis, the same holds true for Eastern Chinese astrology also. The the program etc. are only rough guides only, as the Chinese with there astrology break it down also into days and hours and even minutes as we do with Day of birth Time of birth place of birth etc. so use this as a rough guide and don't go get divorced and email me!
I think at the end of the day if a relationship works it works and these programs and astrology can give you some insight into how it works.

How to use the program:-
Click your Chinese sign in the drop down box
Click your partners sign
Click on Calculate and you'll get a compatibility report
Your score is out of 10... best of luck!
(if you are not sure of your actual Chinese sign then
go here to easily find out)