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Mars and Venus in love
To run: In the dropdown box, click the downpointing arrow, select the sign Her Venus is in, then select the sign His Mars is in, then click 'Calculate'. Agreed you have to figure out mars and Venus signs.

Select your Venus Sign
Select your Mars Sign

This works exactly like the sun signs program
Except it works with your Mars and their Venus sign
The Sun sign is the popular Sign the everybody knows, The Sun sign i.e. Pisces,Taurus etc. is the sign that the planet is in when you were born. There are other planets that mean other things, in this case Mars stands for energy and how you use it is defendant upon (for one) the sign it is in when you were born, this is not necessarily Your Sun sign. For example The Sun in Pisces when you were born would give you the attributes of a Pisces, however if your Mars was in a different sign say Aries then your energy would be far more that of an Arian.

How you relate to others is show by where your Venus is when born which sign its in that is.
For relationships it's good to compare your Mars (if your a Man) with your partners Venus (assuming your partner is female)

To use this program you need to find YOUR Venus sign and THEIR Mars sign if your a woman and Your Mars sign and there Venus if your a man.

How? Go here and enter in your birth details and you'll see a list:
Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars, etc. directly to the right of those words
you'll see the sign that they are in. i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.
So you will see Venus Pisces etc. So at your birth date
Venus was in Pisces.

How to use: Select the sign your Venus is in.
Then select the sign their Mars is in
Then click on Calculate and you'll get a compatibility report

Your score is out of 10... best of luck!

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