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To Run: This is a quick calculate to find out what Chinese sign you are, simply select your birth date from the dropdown box

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The Chinese have there own unique version of our Western astrology they base it on the Moon and not the Sun as we do often the results are the same as you'd expect though naturally it comes in Chinese style. There signs are based on which year you are born and not which day you are born this can be difficult to find so this program will enable you to easily and quickly look up which is yours

How to use the program:-
Simply select your birth date from the drop down box, your birth date will be on or between the ones in the drop down box, so select it, and what sign you are will appear in the box, a fuller description is given below.

These links below will jump to your animals Chinese description. All are listed further down this page

Rat Buffalo Tiger Rabbit
Dragon Snake Horse Goat
Rooster Dog Pig


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If you're a Rat... you're charming and imaginative, cautious and highly strung, honest and thrifty, clever and intellectual, independent and highly individual, very romantic and passionate, generous to your friends, and always aiming to please those around you...

But you're also... aggressive and self-willed, avaricious and acquisitive, inquisitive and suspicious, calculating and opportunistic, always looking for a profit and capable of exploiting anyone, continually having to live by your wits and conceal your anxious, introverted nature under your confident exterior, and incapable of passing up a bargain at the sales!


if you're a Buffalo... you're loyal and trustworthy, honest and thrifty, patient and persevering, hardworking and responsible, logical and efficient, independent and self-reliant, methodical and well balanced, down-to-earth and difficult to provoke, an original and intelligent thinker, and a natural leader who brings order out of chaos and inspires confidence

But you're also... stubborn and slow-moving, proud and choleric, terribly conventional and conformist, authoritarian and outspoken to the point of rudeness, given to explosive rages and impossible to stop when provoked, homely and unromantic, and frequently misunderstood!


if you're a Tiger.. You're impulsive and enthusiastic, humorous and generous, vivacious and magnetic, honorable and sincere, intense and passionate, optimistic and unmaterialistic, powerful and daring, romantic and affectionate, a natural leader who always gives.

But you're also.. Rash and hotheaded, disobedient and contentious, restless and reckless, volatile and egoistic, rebellious and demanding, stubborn and suspicious, indecisive and quick-tempered, always demanding to be the center of attention, and difficult to live with!


if you're a Rabbit... you're attentive and hospitable, adaptable and diplomatic, discreet and prudent, elegant and sophisticated, serious and intellectual, happy and sociable,.Intuitive and circumspect, tolerant and gracious, honest and thorough, suave and debonair, a sympathetic listener who likes company -

But you're also... hesitant and faint-hearted, superficial and sentimental, unpredictable and easily offended, pedantic and snobbish, subjective and moody, egoistic and hedonistic, cunning in business, and a very sharp negotiator!


If you're a Dragon... you're energetic and athletic, fascinating and full of vitality, enthusiastic and impetuous, lucky and successful, scrupulous and straight, intelligent and generous, eager and extroverted, self-assured and self-sufficient, a doer who is always on the go.

But you're also.... demanding and overpowering, intolerant and intimidating, brash and overconfident, stubborn and proud, irritable and short tempered, tactless and eccentric, unromantic and deeply discontented, and a chatterbox who is easily bored!


If you're a Snake....... you're wise and intuitive, charismatic and attractive, calm and reflective, gentle and romantic, elegant and cultured, helpful and charming, well bred and distinguished, quiet and reserved, decisive and self-critical, with a taste for the finer things in life...

But you're also... suffocating and clinging, jealous and possessive, cold and hostile, lazy and dishonest, paranoid and stingy, and a philanderer who likes extramarital affairs!


if you're a Horse... you're cheerful and popular, earthy and sexy, quick witted and sociable, vivacious and energetic, enterprising and gregarious, agile and athletic, loyal and persuasive, practical and realistic, independent and capable of creating your own security, and always the center of attention...

But you're also... hot-blooded and hotheaded, inconsiderate and absentminded, inconsistent and self-centered, impatient and selfish, intolerant and prone to childish fits of rage, stubborn and immodest, demanding and unpredictable, lacking in staying power and frightened of failure, and always jumping to conclusions!


if you're a Goat... you're mild-mannered and gentle, compassionate and understanding, kind hearted and sincere, peaceful and adaptable, lucky and generous, graceful and romantic, creative and elegant, a survivor who has great passive endurance, and a follower who will always find someone to keep you in style ...

But you're also... undisciplined and irresponsible, timid and weak-willed, withdrawn and pessimistic, wheedling and indecisive, supersensitive and self-pitying, self-indulgent and bad with money, sulky and always late, irresponsible and generous with other people's property, capricious and lacking in self-control, and always in need of a bossy person to keep you up to the mark!


if you're a Monkey... you're intelligent and clear sighted, chivalrous and sociable, responsible and decisive, lighthearted and gregarious, confident and versatile, amusing and shrewd, observant and ironic, warm and full of joie de vivre, original and inventive, objective and rational, efficient and independent, talkative and entertaining, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge -

But you're also cunning and guileful, jealous and critical, sly and manipulative, superior and vengeful, vain and mischievous, impatient and ambitious, unscrupulous and forceful, sharp and tricky, a charlatan and con artist, self-preoccupied with an elastic conscience, and suspected by the people around you!


if you're a rooster you're bold and self-reliant, entertaining and stimulating company, good looking and popular, efficient and good with money, precise and organized, loyal and sincere, hardworking and energetic, colorful and creative, logical and knowledgeable, brave and generous, positive and helpful, with a lot of stamina and a good memory...

But you're also... blunt and undiplomatic, boastful and opinionated, conservative and puritanical, abrasive and full of bravado, a daydreamer and teller of tall stories, perfectionist and always giving advice, easily impressed by awards and titles, incapable of admitting you could be in the wrong, and insistent that you should always come first!


If you're a Dog... you're devoted and dependable, faithful and reliable, tough and resourceful, persevering and responsible generous and attentive, dignified and discreet, helpful and hardworking, tolerant and matter-of-fact, noble and unpretentious, confidence-inspiring and a good listener, unselfish and straightforward, a champion of freedom with simple tastes and a passion for fair play...

But you're also... pessimistic and introverted, stubborn and cynical, defensive and sharp-tongued, antisocial and cantankerous, impatient and bad tempered, pugnacious and discontented, a doom-laden worrier with a black sense of humor and a distrust of strangers!


if you're a Pig.. You're courteous and sincere, gallant and gentle, impartial and trustworthy, lively and impulsive, calm and peace-loving, obliging and chivalrous, confident and courageous, resilient and diligent, popular and gregarious, generous and unable to bear a grudge...

But you're also gullible and naive, thick-skinned and shallow, stubborn and sad, defenseless and easily duped, easily seduced and incapable of saying no, given to treating other people's property as if it were your own, materialistic and inclined to wallow in sensuality, simplistic and superficial, an uncompetitive do-gooder who never looks to the future!