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Zener Cards


As devised by Karl Zener for Duke university for testing psychic ability. As far as we can tell its the ONLY program on the net that tests Clairvoyance and not precognition tell us different!

In 'English' this means that the card you need to guess has Already been selected, and you have to guess it. Its not selected After you make your guess, yes?

The first is Clairvoyance(seeing the hidden card) the second precognition(guessing a card not delt yet.)

There are 25 cards, Namely 5 circles 5 stars 5 crosses 5 waves and 5 squares.
These 25 cards are shuffled. One is selected and its up to you to guess it.
Click on a card below, one of the 5 cards in a line to guess the top card.
Which will then display for a short while and you can then tell if your guess was correct or not, It will then disappear and the next card will be selected, again up to you go guess correctly. This repeats
until all 25 cards have been guessed.

Note that in this program the card IS Already selected before you make your selection.
Hence the program tests Clairvoyance and not precognition.
If you guessed the card and THEN it was selected you would be testing Precognition. Predicting the future. This is what most programs like this are doing.
Who knows we might ad a program to test precognition. Note though that it would LOOK identical to this program However it would be working differently, This is Significant!

In this program you are guessing an already existing event an already existing selected card that can't be detected with your 5 senses you need to use that sixth sense to guess correctly, or be very lucky, which also counts!

In PSI tests, guesses are rated with a 'p' factor, this is a weird formula that estimates how far above or below chance you are. Below 1.96 is average, which in this case means chance.

Between 1.96 and 2.58 you are displaying a slight degree of psychic ability, ( be proud of yourself this isn't easy! )

between 2.58 and 3.00 displays a significant psychic ability.

Above 3.00 displays a Very significant psychic ability.

The average by chance expected score from 25 cards is 5.
So any score above 5 is GOOD! The more you play this 'game' the better you will get.
Best of luck from