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The Celtic Cross Tarot readings

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Your Reading

To run Think of your question and click on the 'Deal Tarot Cards' button.
The program will then select your cards, and you have your reading.
Its now ready for you to interpret.
Click on each card and the meaning will appear on the right side of the spread.

You need to interpret each card in association with were it is in the spread.
Example the Ace of pentacles in the future position could be money coming, in the past position is money had.

The meaning of each card is found by clicking on the actual card itself.

The Layout


Card 10
Final outcome


Card 3
Your aim or ideal


Card 9
Hopes and Fears

Card 5
Happened, recent past

Card 2
Obstacles, Crossing card

Card 1
The Present

Card 6
Near future

Card 8
External Influences


Card 4
Basis / Foundation


Card 7

In this spread the Celtic cross the signification, this is normally a card you select to represent yourself has not been used. The reason for this is that I can't see the point!.
There are 10 card dealt

The First card in the center representing influences affecting you and the general atmosphere.

The Second card crosses the first card and represents obstacles that stand in your way. In the program I've placed it along side the first card and not over it, in order that you can see what card it is more easily.

The Third card placed above the first card is your aim or ideal but that which has not happened yet. Some times called the card which crowns you.

The Forth card is placed below the first and represents the foundation or basis of the matter that which has happened

The Fifth card is placed to the left of the first card representing that which is has happened or is happening now.

The Sixth card to the right of the first card, represents the future that is about to happen

The Seventh card start the column running up on the right hand side, represents your attitude in the circumstances

The Eighth card the environment and influences

The Ninth card represents your hopes and fears
and the last card,

The Tenth Card represents the final outcome of the matter the final result.
Note that most people will have the 5th card to the right of the first card and the sixth card to the left.
I've chosen to swap them about as it makes more sense, sorry!

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