Your Love Life Predicted by Dice!

Your love life predicted and analyzed by Dice!

Click on Roll Dice, to roll the dice.
Then click on Interpret for your answer

Umm being more into astrology than Dice I wouldn't suggest getting married or divorced by the throw of a dice the the randomness etc. works the same as tarot cards and Divining by dice is very old. though like tarot who knows it might throw up some ideas or issues that you might find interesting. Best thing about this program is that if you don't get the answer you want, its quite simple to 'have another go' and take best out of 3!Best of luck with your love life!

Note if you want to throw your own dice, you will need to throw them in order. As for the interpretations a throw of 6 6 5 will not give the same interpretation as a throw of 6 5 6 or 5 6 6. So note that the order is important

Using the program:-
Quite simple really Click the 'Roll Dice' button, then click the 'Interpret' button. As with all these programs, think about your subject then while in that thought click the button.

The Are you in Love Quiz is Here

Once again, no responsibility is taken here for ensuing divorces Esc!
and try not to take anything too seriously.