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Blackjack Training Software (Free!)
Blackjack Two Card Practice

Free BlackJack Basic Full Game Strategy Training Program HERE

Blackjack - Basic Strategy Drill
Two card practice

This is a FREE Blackjack training strategy training program. This one throws you two cards and the dealer card. You make your decision, which is either right or wrong, you earn a point or lose 10 and the next hand is dealt. Designed to be fast and turn you into a blackjack basic strategy perfect playing robot!
Crip sheet a little lower down the page.

To Play:-
See cards, then click your decision. If right you get 1 point, If wrong minus 10
What Was dealt and what you should have done is then shown, so you know what you did i.e.
7 A v 2 Rule:A7 Stand till 8 Then a reminder of what you did i.e.
You Split you should have stood.
(key: zero zeros the score, Auto Deal when clicked, after your selection (Hit/Split etc) auto deals a new hand, tho leaves the advice, this is for speed practice. The others i think should be clear.)








Cheat Sheet


2's and 3's Split 2-7
4's Hit
5's Double 2-9
6's Split 2-6
7's Split 2-7
8's Split
9's Split 2-6 and 8 and 9
10's Stand
AA Split.

Hard Totals
5,6,7 or 8 hit
9 Double 3-6
10 Double 2-9
11 Double 2-10
12 Stand 4-6
13,14,15,16 Stand 2-6
17,18,19 or 20 Stand.

Soft Totals
A2-A6 Hit
A7 Stand 2-8
A8 and A9 Stand