Tarot Cards Individual Meanings

The Tarot Card Individual meanings

The 22 Cards of the Major Arcana (or is this the first two packs?)
Followed by the 56 Minor Arcana


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The Fool 0
The sun shines as the traveler sets out cheerfully at the start of this new and important journey. Meanwhile the little dog offers the voice of caution. Interpretation: Start this fresh chapter of life with optimism. Use the knowledge and experiences from the past to make this a positive period";

The Magician 1
Resting on the table are the cups, pentacles, swords and wands.
The magician is poised to work with them under the sign of infinity Interpretation All these personal resources are here to be used now. Keep a healthy, balanced and positive approach in this new era.

The High Priestess 2
The figure represents a woman, symbolising the feminine force. The card represents mystery and magic, shown by the scroll Tora signifying the greater law and the second sense of the world. The crescent moon symbolising the energies of the earth. Interpretation There is a focus on waiting, gathering knowledge, and balance. The High Priestess represents wisdom, mystery, understanding, intuition and serenity. A time of gestation to gather strength.

The Empress 3
The earth mother sits centre stage in this fertile setting of corn, forest and waterfall. Her crown glistens with the twelve starts of the zodiac. Interpretation The focus is on a nurturing, nesting period. It is important though, to retain the vital sense of personal identity at this time.

The Emperor 4
This venerable ruler sits firmly on the throne. The orb, sceptre and rams declare his power. This figure may be younger or older and either male or female. The common feature is of taking control and making important decisions. Interpretation A strong father figure will protect and support in times of need. A natural authoritarian, he or she prefers to give the orders

The Hierophant 5
The High Priest, sometimes known as the Pope, blesses his bishops in a formal ceremony. The cross and keys of Rome add to the traditional symbols of Christianity. Interpretation Official blessings are given and well deserved. Ongoing care and confirmation will nurture growth and development for the enterprise."; The Lovers 6 The archangel hovers overhead in the Garden of Eden. A mountain retreat is available, but the serpent is about to eat the forbidden fruit. Interpretation This complex and tempting personal dilemma requires careful consideration. Listen to and act on the inner voice of reason.

The Chariot 7
The chariot moves forward smoothly, pulled by the well harnessed mythical creatures,. Images of balance, guidance and success complete the scene. Interpretation Welcome this progressive phase. Much ground can now be covered, self-control and inner harmony will be maintained.

Strength 8
Under the halo of infinity, a woman handles the lion like a favorite pet. The well developed spiritual direction, shows in the mountain peak. The whole picture is infused with light. Interpretation Courage overcomes the anger which holds back personal growth. The inner strength gained is a very real victory.

The Hermit 9
Father Time looks for illumination to the star lit lamp. He stands alone on the mountain top, the classical place of meditation. Interpretation Time is precious. Clear out deep seated burdens from the past, as they seriously limit the present. Only then, is it possible for the real self to emerge. Reincarnation too, depends on what use is made of the present. Therefore, it is doubly important to attend to this challenge.

The Wheel Of Fortune 10
Classical symbols support a seemingly endless rotation of life. The good ascends with Anubis, and is counteracted by the bad descending with Typhon. However the symbols from the Book of Revelations and the Sphinx hold the key to the answer. Interpretation There is an orderly pattern. By rising above material things in the next upswing, life will be far richer.

Justice 11
Justice will be done. The symbols are clear. Although the scales are balanced, the sword of Damocles is poised to fall either way. Interpretation Be fair and compassionate in all circumstances in order to receive true justice. A generous and forgiving approach is needed.

The Hanged Man 12
The saintly halo features in this stylised, yoga-like position. Twelve leaves on the branch in earlier decks represent both the Apostles and the signs of the Zodiac. Interpretation Be objective and logical about future plans. Sacrifices will be required in order to achieve significant, long term goals. The results will justify the commitment.

Death 13
The difficult path leads to a sun-lit horizon. Blessings are given for both the end and the beginning. Interpretation Welcome the promising new beginning. Leave the past gently but firmly behind and go forward joyfully

Temperance 14
A pool of water is murky and the liquid flows only between the cups. The path is long and difficult. It leads however to the light on the mountain, confirmed by the symbols of archangels and the Tarot. Interpretation Things appear to be quite stagnant. With patience, new promising personal goals will soon appear on the horizon.

The Devil 15
Here is the blackest picture, of a couple chained in hell. The devil dominates, along with other symbols of his power. Interpretation The hell may be inherited or personally made. Kindness to oneself is vital. The courage to forgive can then dissolve the darkest thoughts and heal the soul

The Tower 16
A bolt of lightning strikes. The seemingly impregnable tower quakes and shatters from its foundations. Not even the rulers of the world escape the crash. Interpretation A false exterior protects or hides the truth. Now, shattering events seem likely. Time is the healer. The new foundation will then be stronger, firmer and more authentic.

The Star 17
Spilt water flows all around. However, the bright morning star in its galaxy, dominates the scene. Interpretation When everything seems to have been lost, the guiding star appears. It points to recovery, followed by the renewal of faith, for a brighter future.

The Moon 18
The old notion of excess and madness at the time of the full moon is evident. The path is very slippery and the water badly disturbed. Interpretation Life has its darker side, with excess and unstable people or situations. Help may be needed to understand and accept this difficult time.

The Sun 19
The sun shines brightly and wisely on the earth. The child appears on a white horse, carrying the banner of victory. Interpretation True happiness is fully appreciated as it has been well earned. The real pleasures and joys of living are warmly shared.

Judgement 20
The dead rise up from their coffins as an angel sounds the final judgement call. The scene, reminiscent of Revelations, the last book of The Bible is very clear. Interpretation Ultimately we are responsible and answerable for ourselves. It is time to be prepared to account for all the decisions of the past and receive what is due.

The World 21
The four living creatures of Revelations are shown in the four corners of the world. So too are the classical symbols of the Sphinx. The veil is worn lightly by the woman as she dances in the wreath of victory. Interpretation Having conquered fears and doubts, learned and done so much, it is time to celebrate. The priceless treasure of integrity is gained and the world opens up fresh vistas.


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Top Cups Wands Swords Pentacles

Ace of Cups
An aura surrounds the hand which holds the cup. Watery elements and symbols dominate the scene, whilst the dove and cross provide a peaceful blessing. Interpretation There is enormous potential for a very healthy relationship. With care and consideration this could develop into something deeper and more significant.

Two of Cups
The angels wings hover above the Egyptian symbol of earth, fire, air and water. A traditional love-nest complements the scene in which the couple salute each other. Interpretation These two people are well matched to further explore their goals and values. The focus is on the development of the harmony and trust already evident.

Three of Cups
Dressed for a special event, the women are offering a toast. A wonderful harvest is all around. Interpretation A joyful event will be welcome. An engagement, commitment, marriage, birth, birthday or special occasion is shown.";

Four of Cups
Arms folded, the person sits alone looking pensively down. The cup and what it offers go unnoticed. Interpretation Relationship issues are less than satisfactory or non existent. A significant effort is required to improve the situation.

Five of Cups
The figure looks at the overturned cups and at the strong ripples on the water. The two upright cups are out of the line of vision. Interpretation There is a tendency to dwell in the past. It is time to move on to welcome the new opportunities which are very close.

Six of Cups
The older person looks back a little pensively. The younger one willingly carries the flower filled cup to a new destination. Interpretation The old ways are now left behind and the next cycle is beginning. This may involve a change of attitude and new direction. There may be an accompanying change of location.

Seven of Cups
This figure reaches towards the cups, each of which contain something different. The cups themselves are resting in the clouds. Interpretation Dreams present a variety of ideas. They should not be allowed to slip away, as sometimes happens. It is very important to develop definite plans to fulfil the dreams.

Eight of Cups
The figure walks the difficult path with the help of a staff. Despite the dark rocks, clear waters are ahead. There is a focus on the changing phase of the moon and the upright cups. Interpretation At last the emotional upheavals of the past are left behind. Calm times lie ahead, both personally and in relationships.";

Nine of Cups
These cups are grouped like trophies. A cheerful figure is seated in front with arms folded to form the sign of infinity. Interpretation Relationship issues are resolved and personal growth achieved. Happiness won through personal efforts can now be maintained.

Ten of Cups
The coupe embrace each other and their children. The placid waters flow gently by. Overhead glows the rainbow. Interpretation An ongoing commitment to a healthy relationship is shown. Spiritual guidance is assured and contentment earned.

Page of Cups
Gentle waves set the watery scene. The young person looks quietly at the cup containing a fish. Interpretation A gentle awakening to the possibility of a new romantic relationship. This may be for the first time. Alternatively, it may suggest a readiness for such a situation.

Knight of Cups
The dazzling knight on a fine horse gallantly offers the cup in a romantic gesture. The beautiful location complements the scene. Interpretation A romantic offer or the romantic stage in a relationship. All the traditional features of this stage are implied. e.g. flowers, wine and idyllic situations

Queen of Cups
Her fragile position is close to swirling water where she sits pensively looking at the ciborium. Mermaids and fish add to the water scene. Interpretation Someone who is deep emotionally and often intuitive. She may have been a victim in the past and now chooses to remain one. It is preferable though, to make positive changes.

King of Cups
The ruler is surrounded by symbols of the sea. However he sits well above the water with the fish leaping around. The ship too is quite safe. Interpretation Healing, health and all related professions are in focus. This potential could be developed. The person should give more attention to his or her own needs which may be neglected.


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Top Cups Wands Swords Pentacles

Ace of Wands An aura surrounds the hand which holds the wand aloft, like an Olympic torch. Clear water and a large castle provide the setting. Interpretation This new project has enormous potential. An energy filled time, which should be used to good effect. Stay balanced as the ideas and action gain momentum.

Two of Wands
The globe rests firmly in the hand as the character looks out confidently. He sees fresh vistas of mountains, lake and a fertile landscape. Interpretation There may have been slight delay but everything is now moving forward. Exciting plans can be made for future expansion. These may be quite large scale and include travel.

Three of Wands
A golden light shines on the entire scene. The traveler surveys the broad horizons from his vantage point Interpretation A most expansive period in which much can be achieved. A wonderful action packed time which often includes long distance travel.

Four of Wands
Two people share the fruits of their harvest. They are standing under a canopy decorated with symbols of triumph. The bridge in the background leads to a castle in the air. Interpretation The honesty, effort and shared commitment to a team or partnership pays dividends. It brings a well-earned reward for both the personal and or professional relationship.

Five of Wands
The people involved appear active, enthusiastic and confident. There is clearly something of a challenge involved. Interpretation Individual and team efforts must be harmonious and focused on the goal. Less than enthusiastic players may need a different environment.

Six of Wands
The crown and wreath are held high in triumph as the victor leads the honors parade. Interpretation Inner battles have been won and self congratulations due. Wonderful progress can now be made.

Seven of Wands
A well prepared mountaineer strides out. The day is clear and fine. Interpretation This character needs action and must avoid stagnation. A fresh challenge should be found and interesting plans formulated if one is not on offer. Suggests adventure lies ahead.

Eight of Wands
The long stretch of water and clear skies provide the setting. The wands are thrown forward, javelin like, towards the target. Interpretation The previous delays are over. Take advantage of this fine stretch of plain sailing for all plans. These may well include romance.

Nine of Wands
The wands form a barrier behind the character who appears to be under some stress. The original green fields seem very far away. Interpretation Things have not gone according to plan and the person is now trapped. It is necessary to fully acknowledge the difficult situation and seek new insights and approaches.

Ten of Wands
The storybook village is in sight. Staggering towards it is the traveler who is weighed down badly by the wands. Interpretation The burden should be shed. Delegate if possible. If not a superhuman effort will be required to complete the task. Rest and recuperation will then restore the body and the spirit.

Page of Wands
The young person pauses on his journey. He looks ahead to a welcoming landscape Interpretation There is a message of good news which may have been awaited. It is now possible to proceed with longer term plans.

Knight of Wands
This adventuresome knight is slightly out of control. The horse also bucks and rears. Interpretation A lighthearted person is in focus who may not take life seriously. Otherwise a lighthearted approach or leisure activity is needed if someone is overworked.

Queen of Wands
The queen sits easily on her throne in a position of authority and balance. She has selected a flower along with the wand as her symbols of office. The cat adds a magical touch. Interpretation A natural leader, she leads by her positive example. Lively, yet grounded, she enjoys all aspects of her well-balanced life.

King of Wands
The king is a splendid, colorful figure, with rich red robes, wand and hair. He looks out with confidence to view the world. A salamander, the symbol of fire is by the throne. Interpretation A bold person who vigorously embraces life. He enthuses everyone with his big, imaginative plans.


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Top Cups Wands Swords Pentacles

Ace of Swords
An aura surrounds the strong hand which holds the sword firmly in the air. Threaded into the crown is an olive branch and palm leaf. Interpretation A challenging new idea with great and humane potential. Resistance to the plan may have to be approached with care and consideration.

Two of Swords
The blindfolded figure sits with crossed swords. The water is very disturbed and the new moon significant. Interpretation Some pressure needs to be resisted in this difficult situation. Wait until all the information is available and make a very clear assessment before arriving at a firm decision.

Three of Swords
Storm clouds fill the entire picture and the three swords pierce the heart very deeply. Interpretation It may be necessary to fully acknowledge a broken heart. Grief is appropriate in its season. There comes a moment when the first steps to recovery should be taken for healing to occur.

Four of Swords
The effigy on the tombstone is in the traditional pose of prayer. Three of the swords hang like a banner in the church. A stained glass window completes the scene. Interpretation Quiet thought or prayer is needed to cope with the daily demands of life. Here is a definite ongoing responsibility to look after oneself, properly and regularly.

Five of Swords
Those who lost the fight look towards the threatening clouds and rough sea. So too does the apparent winner. Interpretation A compromise position might be in the best interests of all concerned. This could be difficult to accept but may well be the only viable option.

Six of Swords
The swords are at test. The people are propelled away from the heavily rippled waters and into clear seas. Interpretation A calm period is ahead where problems can be put aside. It is up to the individual concerned to be positive and resist the self-inflicted headaches of the past.

Seven of Swords
The person looks back to check that his deceit has not been observed. He is fleeing quickly and stealthily with the swords, which are here seen as stolen goods. Interpretation Tact, diplomacy and caution should be used in order to achieve the desired results. Watch for a little deceit and take sensible everyday precautions.

Eight of Swords
The captive is backed against a wall of swords with small pools in the foreground. The castle and clear water appear in the distance. Interpretation The original situation may not be of the persons making. The current conditions though are mainly self-imposed and can be changed at any time.

Nine of Swords
The black setting and the figure bolt upright in bed indicate a nightmare. The swords however point to the east and the zodiac symbols decorate the be cover. Interpretation There is hope out of this darkness. A period of respite is vital, in order to recover from the dismal and depressing situation.

Ten of Swords
Stabbed deeply and repeatedly in the back, the person appears to be dead. Nevertheless, the new dawn is clearly featured. Interpretation It is time to acknowledge the nightmare from the past. Only then is it possible to move on fully and welcome the new future.

Page of Swords
A young person stands on slightly higher ground with a backdrop of mountains. He waves the sword in a testing sort of attitude. Light storm clouds are starting to gather. Interpretation Someone may try to wound with a few hurtful words. These comments may give good for thought, but more likely should simply be ignored.

Knight of Swords
He speeds in brandishing his sword with some agitation. The thunderous clouds add to the atmosphere. Interpretation Carefully chosen words are required. These will clear the air of a situation which might have been festering for some time.

Queen of Swords
Seated above the cloud line, the queen extends one hand beyond the sword. A cherub, butterfly and moon are used symbolically to decorate the throne. Interpretation Cool and withdrawn, this person seeks solitude. It is possible though that she needs to trust again, and be open to the potential of new relationships.

King of Swords
He sits in control on a high throne. His sword is held for good effect in the spartan landscape. Waxing and waning moons add to the scene. Interpretation A person of definite opinions speaks clearly and influentially. While useful in certain circumstances, a more humane approach may sometimes be preferred.


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Top Cups Wands Swords Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles An aura surrounds the hand which carefully holds the pentacle. The setting is one of fertile fields and flowers. A hedged archway leads to the mountaintop behind. Interpretation A moneymaking opportunity is presented. This should be carefully considered from all angles before proceeding further.

Two of Pentacles
In this balancing act the two pentacles fit neatly into the sign of infinity. Meanwhile the ships are cresting the biggest waves with ease. Interpretation Life is getting back into balance both generally and financially. This makes for optimism and forward movement for major plans.

Three of Pentacles
The stonemasons quality work is being completed in the crypt. Looking on with admiration are his masters. Interpretation A determined approach has earned a career highlight. The accompanying acknowledgment is well deserved. It provides the incentive to pursue new goals.

Four of Pentacles
Modern skyscrapers provide the setting. This one dimensional person holds very tightly on to the pentacle and looks straight ahead. Interpretation There is a meanness of spirit and perhaps a preoccupation with money. A change of attitude is needed in order to see a different, more personally satisfying approach.

Five of Pentacles
These destitute people are stumbling in the blizzard. The pentacles shine in the stained glass window. Interpretation There is a need to be thankful for the simple things. They are often taken for granted and not always properly acknowledged in our somewhat material world.

Six of Pentacles
The scales of justice are clearly balanced as the merchant gives out money to the poor. Interpretation This person knows that something more valuable than money makes life truly worthwhile. The goodness of kind deeds brings its own reward.

Seven of Pentacles
The figure looks unhappily down onto the drab scene of the accumulated pentacles. However the single pentacle, close to the brightly colored boot, is also in the picture. Interpretation There is a desire to change direction. There may be more to life than the current, somewhat jaded situation. The situation may need a little more consideration.

Eight of Pentacles
Working productively in a natural setting, is a very skilled, creative person. The tree is used to display the quality of his work. A peaceful village provides the idyllic background. Interpretation A special talent should be used to develop in a new and personally satisfying direction. This may involve some long term change, with renewed pleasure and profit in work.

Nine of Pentacles
An elegant young woman stands with confidence in the garden, where the pentacles and the fruits share equal place. Interpretation The person has found balance and harmony. A sound understanding of money is complemented by inner wisdom and a life in tune with nature.

Ten of Pentacles
The three generations are connected by the harvest and the home. They sit together under the archway. Both the scales and the placement of the pentacles are clearly balanced. Interpretation Secure in all ways, these people understand the true meaning of abundance. Their wisdom and contentment is well earned.

Page of Pentacles
The young person holds a single pentacle with care. He stands lightly and at ease in the fertile valley. The grass, trees and mountains add to the scene. Interpretation A little money and talent may be well used and lead to other opportunities. For example, a leisure activity might develop eventually into a career.

Knight of Pentacles
A young man sits easily on a dark, placid work horse. He holds the pentacle comfortably. His gaze takes in the rich cultivated land and newly ploughed fields. Interpretation Income is assured for this practical person. Furthermore, it will suit the needs and personality of the character concerned.

Queen of Pentacles
A mature woman holds the pentacle lightly. All around her are scenes of the rich earth, mountain peaks and other symbols of nature. Interpretation Balanced and sensual, the person understands money and values the gifts of the earth. She gives out and receives accordingly.

King of Pentacles
He dominates the scene on his large throne. The pentacle is shown as his symbol of office. Castles in the air feature quite largely in the background. Interpretation Suggests a keen interest and success in career and making money. He cares for others financially too.

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