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Games Checkers, Tetris, Space Invaders, Snake, Tic Tak Toe, Simon, Frogger, Magic Square, Peg, Dots, Billiards, Chess

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Games from across the Internet. Trawling the Internet for good games, and will put the best here.
These are all small pass a bit of time games, most are classic games.

None are my programs I'll give credit to the authors and web sites from where these games link to.

Have fun, chill and waste a bit of time playing these games.

Asteroids the original, working, not sure about the legal stuff though.

Checkers or Drafts pick a side and beat the computer.

Tetris Get the falling blocks to land in position see how long you survive.

Snake, I mean no games site can call itself a games site with out snake can it, beware though, very addictive, therapy is available though. One of the first games I wrote though I've not written this one, or any on here. Anyway while away some time stretching the snake and don't die!

Tic-Tak-Toe or noughts and crosses No need to describe this game is there?

Simon watch the colours and copy em back, see how far you can go, excellent brain exercise this!

Frogger Don't panic you'll recognize it when you see it. In short get the frog across the road without dying.

Magic Square move the bits around to get the tiles into order, old game this, though on this one you cant take the bits out and stick em back in.

Peg I used to be able to do this a long time ago :-). You jump over on peg into an empty hole removing the one you've jumped over. So at the end the last peg ends up in the middle and the rest have gone.

Chess Well Chess is Chess! a pretty good game for javascript.

Concentration You'll recognize it when you see it! Click on two squares, write down what they are, sorry I mean remember what they are. When you come across two the same, click on them both, they will then stay upturned. Continue till they are all upturned. Real brain exercise this.

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