Earn Online with No investment with PTC

PTC: Paid To Click. This is a list of the PTC programs I use changes over time as some fail and some turn out to be not too good, these are my best

You need no investment, all you need to do is click a few ads each day and take your earnings.
Soon adds up to a tidy sum.

How it works: advertisers are paying you to view their ads and hope your interested.The top ones are sterling and the lower ones are bitcoin/ethereum/etc

Note that some price in $ and some in ¢/cents.
$0.005 = ¢0.5 worth while I think. Either way it's free money :-)

And some don'ts!
Do not open several windows at the same time, so you can click one while other ads are still counting down (except some require focus).
Don't run 'noscript' which block videos from running as that slows everything down.

My top BitCoin sites
I like the BitCoin PTC sites, as above they don't pay much/ad but the value of that click Sure keeps on rising!
For these you'll need a bitcoin wallet.
I find these work fine. Expect loads of ID requirements!
Like photo/passport and duel authorisation that works between your computer and phone, so Be prepared!
www.xapo.com www.xapo.com
www.coinbase.com www.coinbase.com

Transfering cash from sterling to the wallets can be hard!
I found www.neteller.com to work well as an online bank account

Oh and this site is handy! converts BitCoin/Ethereum/etc to anything
Convert crypto to whatever and back!

Bitcoin price chart

Ethereum Price chart
a quick note
1 Ethereum = 1,000,000 Szabo OR 1 Szabo = 0.000001 Ethereum

lite coin
From Lite coin to GDP

From Doge

From Doge to GDP p.s. ALL these sites work and pay out, if they don't I remove em, simple as


Click Here for AdsEarnBitCoin


Click Here for Clix4BTC


Click Here for CoinBulb


Click Here for BitVic

died swingbtc (can't log in, and other complaints)



Click Here for BTCClicks


Click Here for BitsForClicks



This is somewhat new and it's earning Ethereum but then Ethereum is new!

Click here for EthereumClix

same company as above but it works :-) this one is in bit coin tho sometimes they pay out in BTH(bitcoin cash)


Click here for Bit4Bux

Added 1st Jan 2018

Click Here for BITCOKU

Added 1st Jan 2018


Click Here for ELDICO


Sterling/Euro/Usd/Gdp ads:-
P.s. i'm only going to list them and not give details, they all the same really, some more ads some less, You click you get paid.


Click Here for NeoBux

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout
Click Here for Donkey Mails

Scarlet Clicks

Click Here for Scarlet Clicks

Jills Click Corner

p.s. do NOT use Opera for this site,
i've no idea why but don't use it, use something else :-)
ok Jills a cool chick!

Click Here for Scarlet Clicks


Click Here for GetPaidMail

more tips

CCleaner Now on Piriform's site a free program that cleans out all the temp files that you get by visiting so many sites. though ClixSense has one on its toolbar. Links of a few programs that will kill off any virus/spyware/adware are on this page

RoboForm remembers all your passwords for you.

SelectionLinks is an add-on application for FireFox and opens a wad of windows. So you can run it and it opens all your PTC sites and you can then go through em, saves a lot of messing.

FireFox Is a browser that's just way less hassle than Internet Explorer.