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As far as I can find this is the only totally free, fully functional and accurate biorhythm calculator on the net!

Find out your best days for: Work, Thinking and Physical activity.

Find out your 'off' days and days you'd better just spend in bed!
Note when using the compatibility graph you place the other date in the Today's date box.
Also make the later date being the one to go into the 'todays date' box.

Get a general idea from the lines up is good down is rest.
If you want more specific, scroll down to bottom half of this page.

A quick explanation I think as to how it works is needed following several questions. So OK its like this. It is claimed that when we are born 3 cycles start off. All cycles go in the same cycle and of of the same length for everybody. They all start at Zero when born. On the chart the Intellectual (in BLUE) cycle governs everything to do with your intelligence. See the cycles as 'awake and asleep' so when the cycle is above the Zero line its like its awake and is ready to 'go' and is said to be positive. When its below the line its said to be Negative and its like its asleep and need rest.

So for The Intellectual cycle when its above the line this is a good time to do exams etc. when below its a good time to rest, when however its 'Crossing the zero line' its said to be critical, this is when bad decisions are made, to continue the analogy its like where your just waking up and your not quite sure 'where you are'.

The Emotional line in RED governs your emotional feelings, so when above the line your 'emotionally awake' when below you need emotional rest. And when crossing the line your emotionally critical.

The Physical line (GREEN) , again when above the line says your at your physical best, when below you want physical rest and when crossing its in the awake asleep but like as you wake up in the morning on these days you're said to be emotionally critical this is when accidents happen. Further down the page are the 'analyses' of the effect of combining these cycles, but the above is all you really need to understand these cycles.

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Each of the three cycles have three phases Positive Critical or Negative
below is a list of all combinations. Look at the graph above to see where you are at the moment
If the Physical cycle is above the line look for P+
If ON the line look for P=
and if its Below the line look for P-
for the Emotional line is the same that's E+ E= or E-
and again for the Intellectual line
You need to find the Text where all three are are correct.
So if all three cycles are above the line look for the text for P+ E+ I+.

P- E- I-
You wont feel much like doing anything on these days. Take it easy and just potter about.

P- E+ I+
Your stamina is low and does not support the highs of the other two cycles. Bit like your mind is willing but you haven't the energy to do anything about it. So do mental or emotional things but skip anything physical.

P- E- I=
You are accident prone today and physically and emotionally at a low ebb. Your thinking is not that clear. Don't make any decisions on these days, its very easy to make mistakes.

P+ E- I-
Physically you are fine but don't trust your judgment on these days. Try to curb any impulsiveness. Go with anything Physical.

P- E- I+
You will not feel very sociable and not physically active. So read a good book and get your mind to work, and rest everything else.

P- E+ I=
You are likely to feel out of sorts physically on these days. And don't make any major decisions today wait until tomorrow. Also be careful with any machinery as this is an accident prone day.

P+ E+ I-
Emotionally and physically you are ready to go and will feel on top of the world. But be careful with any decisions.

P- E+ I-
You're a bit down on the energy today. And find it difficult to concentrate. However you will feel more sociable, and affable too, so find some good company or do some creative work as this is a good time for that type of work/play.

P+ E- I=
A day where it is difficult to think straight. a potentially hazardous time. Try to stick to the routine today.

P+ E+ I+
This is your day, the day you've biorhythmically been waiting for! All cycles are up and you're at your best and ready for anything. Take the initiative today and go all out for everything, this is your best day.

P+ E- I+
A physical and intellectual day here although you are not at your sociable best. You might well find other people irritating so take it easy. A good time for dealing with business problems or any physical work/play.

P+ E+ I=
You need to be careful today as you're going to be brimming over with confidence and energy but your intellectual faculties are in a critical state so take care with any decisions.

P- E= I-
Another accident prone day. Don't make any hasty decisions. You're also inclined to be a bit irritable as mentally and physically you're at a low ebb.

P= E- I-
Another hazardous day, you're likely to feel a bit down in the dumps today. So exercise a little caution and think things through before you act or better still delay important matters till a better day.

P- E= I=
A very accident prone day. So check doubly for safety measures. Or lie low till less accident times which will be with you tomorrow.

P- E= I+
An emotionally critical day. So you might be a bit over sensitive and get into silly arguments, so take care with how you deal with other people but use your intelligence as this is at a high today.

P- E= I=
Try to be aware of your own limitations today. As you'll have loads of energy and are full of confidence and enthusiasm but your judgment is impaired and its very easy to make big mistakes. So be careful and think twice.

P+ E= I-
Physically you feel great. Its an emotional critical day today so take care as you're a bit unstable. And might well find yourself at odds with those around you. a good time for any physical work though.

P= E+ I+
You are full of confidence and energy today ready to face any challenge. But physically be careful as its a day to over do it. As today is not your best day for coordination.

P= E- I=
A hard day to cope with your feelings today. As you are not at your best. This is a difficult day but all will be well tomorrow, so don't go flying off of the handle as you might regret it. A no major decisions eh?

P+ E= I+
A day full of confidence with loads of energy also easy to put plans into action. However just a bit sensitive today so try not to get into any arguments or react to much to any criticisms all will be well tomorrow.

P= E+ I-
Try not to be too rash today or too eager to please. As your not that clear headed today. Also be careful not to get into any accidents as its one of those accident prone days. However it is a good time to be sociable.

P= E+ I=
You are full of confidence although today your brain is not in gear. A time when its easy to make bad judgments. Try to stick to the routine today.

P= E= I+
Loads of high spirits today. But its another very critical accident prone and emotionally sensitive day. So tread carefully. An excellent day for initiating schemes or for persuading people to your way of thinking.

P= E= I-
A difficult day. You're slow to recognize potential dangers and your reactions are poor also you're a bit moody and sensitive. a better day tomorrow.

P= E= I=
Oh No! this is the big bad day for biorhythms take great care with everything. You're liable to feel out of sorts greatly but its only one day and doesn't occur very often. You're on edge very sensitive, best stay in bed today!

Wednesdays Child poem below

A Short Explanation of the Cycles

Think of the cycles like the wake and sleep cycle. When you are awake it like the positive phase (above the horizontal line), where you are active and alive, and the Negative phase (below the horizontal line), when you are asleep and recuperating and the Critical phase (when crossing the horizontal line), when you are waking up or falling asleep, that's a bit confused as your neither awake nor asleep These other cycles follow the same pattern.

The Physical cycle controls your physical abilities. When its in the positive phase, that's above the line you are naturally physically more capable more active, your skin feels better you might feel more restless at this time as you have more energy. When in the negative phase you feel more like resting and taking it easy. And on the critical days you are more accident prone.

The Emotional Cycle
controls all matters emotional, sometimes called the sensitivity cycle. On the positive days this is when you are at your most cheerful, creative, romantic and cooperative. On the negative days you have a more negative outlook and more moody while on the critical days again more accident prone and more touchy and oversensitive.

The Intellectual Cycle controls all matters intellectual your powers of reason perception and judgment etc. On Positive days your brain it at its best capacity while on the negative days its at its worst, and on the Critical days you're more likely to make bad decisions.

Also not the days when you have two cycles crossing the line on the same day or even all three here you will feel very confused! Also note the days when two or even all three are either above or below the line. When they are all above you feel great, when all below are the times when all you want to do is sleep.

Wednesday's Child

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

A word of


I've found out that on other places on the net that biorhythmic compatibility details available FREE here is available for order elsewhere for $50.

Now then now then now then, lets be reasonable here, you will find that when all your cycles are down that you tend to feel exhausted and when they are all up you tend not to feel that way, also it is a better time to be doing anything at all, that the critical days (when one line goes from top to bottom or from bottom to top crossing that horizontal line you might well feel a bit off especially if there is another cycle crossing around the same time and especially if all three are doing the same thing.

This can indeed be useful and also useful to know about your partner (oops! irritable day coming up!) (ay up partner is going to feel down for a bit, sort of thing) [easy to look up, just slap there date into the program and click calculate].

For compatibility bit take for instance the physical cycle, this is a 23 day cycle. In biorhythms what this will say is that if your 100% compatible then your cycle will be doing exactly the same as your partners.

However (as you find in astrology too) this is not that compatible! there would be two functions here one both up and raring to go at the same time or both down at the same time, this would be bad in a business partnership, might as well close shop ever 2 weeks for two weeks, though in a partnership at least you both know where your both are.

However remember the critical you would both have the criticals on the same day, not so good at all! zhee what arguments and accidents you'd both be tripping up tripping up.

I think that my point is, is that the effects of biorhythms although being there are mild and are not really that decisive in forming or breaking a relationship & in my opinion really not worth paying considerable amounts of money for a report which would be a thousand times simper than astrology (now there it might be worth it). anyway that's just my opinion.

I think you'd be better off using the program (link above) to actually look up your partners cycles and your own. However to get the percentage compatibility, (OK its not that clear I know!) type in your date in the birth box, then in the box that says Toady's date enter in your partners date. Click calculate, the percentages in the boxes below will show the syncronisity of both your cycles. OK so its nice to have 100% :-) Chris