Free Astrology Birth Chart Calculator

To enter your data, highlight the Date and cursor over with your mouse and insert the date you want, the same goes for Month,Year. Add,Longitude,Latitude,Time and the Time zone for greater accuracy(or leave as they are probably close enough)
Then Click the 'Calc' button (am going to add interpretatioin to this as well, makes it far better ya not think? chris 21-10-2013)

Time Date Month Year Long Lat Zone  
Planet Sign Degrees Equal Plasidian House Degrees Sign
Sun Asc
Moon 2nd
Mercury 3rd
Venus Ic
Mars 5th
Jupiter 6th
Saturn Dec
Uranus 8th
Neptune 9th
Pluto Mc

Total reading
An interpretation of all the planets in signs/houses and aspects

The first chart you see shows the planetary positions for now thats this very moment in time. Note this is quite a large program, so allow a little time for it to load thanks.

Your daily horoscope? the chart on loading shows the heavens as it is Now. The more BLUE lines you see the better the day it will be, and the more RED the worse. Better or worse the day is. Where this affects you personally will depend upon your own individual chart.

How to get Your Chart
Under the titles of Time, Date, Month, Year etc. Click in the windows and type in your birth time,date etc. then click the Calc button. This will then display your chart as is personal to your own birth date, or the chart for the date and time you have entered in. You might have to use your 'del' button, and/or right and left arrow keys to get your time and date in.
The chart does not give you an interpretation of each aspect, and planets in houses etc. but they are easily looked up, might add a page explaining all tho it might put a lot of people out of business!